About Our Company A Reliable Team with years of Experience

Who We Are

"A team of professionals having years of knowledge and experience in IT and Solar industry have come together under the name of Pakistan Network Solutions.

We are passionate about bringing you the best of our services and solutions in professional training, consultancy, designing solar solutions and developing software for your specific business needs at an affordable cost."

What We Do

In today’s world, digital presence of a business is as important as its physical presence and we help you in achieving that unique online persona. We put forth your ideas, goals, and business with well-chosen words that helps your clients understand them better.

We have decided to use Earth’s greatest gifts, that is, Sunlight! Harnessing the sunlight and using it to power solar panels, we aim at lowering your electricity bills.

Meet with our Team

Salman Amjad

Technology Consultant and Business Development Head

Junaid Ali

Partner and Senior Project Team Lead

Muhammed Umer

Marketer and Digital Media Head


Lead Graphic Designer